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Meet the Dallas Woman Who Dated Dos Passos, Hiked with Hemingway and Appears in ‘the Sun Also Rises’

In the opening pages of Ernest Hemingway’s groundbreaking work The Sun Also Rises, the main character is found sipping expensive brandy in the Parisian Café de Versailles. “I know a girl in Strasbourg who can show us the town,” he tells his drinking companions. “She been there two years and knows everything there is to […]

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Want to Buy a Texas Town? There’s One for Sale South of Dallas

Big property sales are pretty standard in North Texas, with everything from skyscrapers to megamansions changing hands. But here’s your chance to buy an entire town. Dallas real estate broker J. Elmer Turner is hunting a buyer for the tiny town of Mustang that’s south of Dallas in Navarro County. Located on Interstate 45 and […]

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Builders dialing back apartment starts across the country

ORLANDO – After years of booming construction, America’s apartment building binge is cooling. Nationwide apartment starts dropped by about 8 percent in 2017, with more declines forecast in 2018 and 2019. “The cycle for apartments is leveling off,” said Robert Dietz, chief economist with the National Association of Homebuilders. “Rental vacancy rates are rising and […]

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Reasons for the Popularity of Living Apartments

Nowadays the idea of having apartments dallas or living in an apartment is gaining popularity among common people rapidly. In the passing era, the number of people to migrate towards the apartment in cities has been increased rapidly. A large number of people are appreciating the idea of inventing these apartments because of many reasons. […]

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Things To Do In Dallas Texas

Today we will talk about the many things to do in Dallas, Texas. The first thing on our list of things to do in Dallas, Texas is the Dallas CityPass. Dallas CityPass is a way to discover this vibrant city and see all the top attractions in it. With the Dallas CityPass you can go […]

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