These Three Dallas Restaurants Are Great Picks That Will Impress


Dallas, Texas is right in the heart of the state. To some people living in South Texas where I used to live, Dallas is north Texas. But it is part of the fabric and heartbeat of Texas, one of its largest cities. If you have been to Dallas, you know just how massive it and its outlying areas are for sure. So this time we are going to look at three top restaurants in the city of Dallas, Texas.

One thing I know that Texas is known for is pecans. That is one thing that influenced this first pick, Pecan Lodge, which is found on Main Street. This is a barbecue place, and that is of course something else Texas is known for. Not every barbecue place has fried okra, but it is one of my favorites. Is it one of your favorites, too? Pecans Lodge certainly serves up some good fried okra according to reviews.

How would you like to eat at a place called The Meddlesome Moth? That sounds interesting, don’t you think? It is located on Oak Lawn Avenue, and the menu highlights look just as interesting as the name of the place. Let’s leave at that so that this pick stays a little mysterious for you as you hit up restaurants in Dallas. It is one of the best.

There is time for one more establishment, and it is going to be Texas Spice. It is located at the Dallas Omni Hotel. Now, I will go ahead and tell you that this is my favorite pick out of the three. Why? It is because you can get cinnamon rolls and country fried steak. Country fried steak is absolute favorite food. So my first visit would be Texas Spice, but I think these three Dallas TX restaurants are great picks, don’t you?